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About the app

Enhancing Your Journey with Comfort and Ease.

TravelLong is a travel app that empowers you to take control of your journeys, ensuring maximum comfort. With features like valuable information, route suggestions, and efficient trip planning, it enables seamless travel across World.


Missing out on Convenient Travel Services. Discover a platform that puts everything together. The main problems with the existing app are an outdated interface and complicated navigation.


  • The app provides user-friendly guides with essential information, tips, and recommendations to enhance the travel experience.
  • First want to simplify the user journey so that users get everything they are looking for like Effortless Trips, planning Travel and community customer support
  • It should consolidate multiple travel services, including accommodation, attractions, restaurants, and guides, all in one user-friendly app.

Target Audience

A major group of the audience is between 22 to 45 years. Traveling apps are popular among adults.

A wide range of travelers, including frequent travelers, adventure enthusiasts, family vacationers, solo travelers, and budget-conscious individuals provide them with a convenient and efficient way to plan and manage their trips with diverse age groups and travel motivations.


4 Weeks/ 13+ screens

Design Process

My Role

User Research

Purpose: Gather insights from target user groups to understand their travel preferences, pain points, and needs for a travel planning app.
Methods: Conduct user interviews to explore individual experiences and conduct surveys to gather data.
Key Insights: Identify common themes and trends to inform the app's design and features, ensuring a user-centered and efficient travel experience.
I have Interviewed 4 people to understand the difficulties they face during travel.

User Persona

User Journey

User Flow

Style Guide

Onboard Screens

Interface Design


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